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KWRE Monthly Updates

October 31, 2018

Monthly Updates


Considerations When Buying Land

May 30, 2017


Building a new home can be an exciting time as you have more input into the design of your home so that it specifically meets your family’s needs and requirements. However, the big piece of this plan is finding the right block of land to purchase therefore there are a few factors that you need […]

7 Auction Tips For Buyers

May 2, 2017


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Latrobe Valley - What's the update

March 21, 2017


As you may be aware we’ve had some important announcements made over the past couple of months in relation to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), Stamp Duty being removed for first home buyers plus the publication of Government funding being injected into the Latrobe Valley. There’s a lot of information to digest and it can be […]

Flying The Coop

February 14, 2017


The thought of moving out on your own can create a mixture of emotions – equal measure of excitement, nervousness, empowerment, amongst others. There is no set time in one’s life when the decision to move out occurs and it may happen for many different reasons. Whether the decision is yours alone or a necessity […]

Cut the Clutter

January 31, 2017


We’ve just begun 2017 and what better way to start the new-year by decluttering! If you’re planning on selling your property then this is a MUST. A cluttered home can easily detract potential buyers; you want to display your home so that it is visually attractive to the eye and creates a sense of space…not […]

8 Presentation Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

January 9, 2017


Buyer’s will be searching through a long list of prospective properties therefore you want your property to stand out above them all. Presentation is important; people will view the photos multiple times, have a drive-by and then decide if they will arrange an inspection. The more desirable, tidy and well maintained your home appears can have […]