8 Presentation Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale


Buyer’s will be searching through a long list of prospective properties therefore you want your property to stand out above them all.

Presentation is important; people will view the photos multiple times, have a drive-by and then decide if they will arrange an inspection. The more desirable, tidy and well maintained your home appears can have a huge impact on the overall sale price.

1). Clean the property thoroughly from top to bottom, inside and out. Remove any clutter to help open a living area and show the true size and space.

2). Fix and repair any maintenance issues, this indicates the home is well looked after and not run down.

3). Neutral styling is safe. This doesn’t mean go out and purchase new furniture and decor, simply put away any bold or ‘out there’ pieces that may control a room’s ambiance. Remember everyone has different tastes.

4). Plants and vases add a homely feel whilst paintings and mirrors help fill blank wall space. You could consider appointing an interior designer to view your property and provide decor tips to ensure your home looks its best when hitting the market. You may want to hire pieces to create a fresh feel and add more visual appeal.

5). If it’s cold, light fires, turn on patio heaters and internal heating. Vice versa if it’s hot, turn on fans and cooling systems. Ensure the temperature is comfortable for buyer.

6). We have the ability to virtually furnish an entire room which is a beneficial tool when selling a vacant property. Seeing how a space can work will help buyers imagine themselves living in the home.

7). Entice the buyers senses by adding fresh flowers in the home, open the windows to allow a nice breeze through, brew some coffee or bake a batch of cookies.

8). Don’t forget the garden. Make sure the lawns are mowed and tidy, weeds are pulled, fresh mulch is laid and plants are trimmed. Always clean and tidy up after your pets and try to take them out during inspections.

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8 Presentation Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale